Heating mains, technological pipelines, welding works

Magma AS occupies one of the leading positions in construction and reconstruction

About us

30 years of experience!

Today, Magma AS takes one of the leading positions in Estonia in the construction and reconstruction of district heating networks. Each year we build and reconstruct about 12 … 18 km of heating mains. 

Magma AS was founded in 1991 by Valery Chernomorov, with the aim to provide our customers high-quality services in the field of thermal energy. Today our company employs about 60 people.

Heating mains

Gas mains

Technological pipelines and equipment

Boiler houses

Repair of boilers

Working with equipment under pressure

Welding works

Steel structures



The word ’Magma’ means lava – i.e. the energy that we provide to our Customers through the implementation of their wishes. And the resulting cooperation becomes a solid stone, which in turn symbolizes stability, trust and quality.

Magma AS is a member of Eesti Jõujaamade ja Kaugkütte Ühing (EJKÜ) – the Association of Heating Stations and Heating Networks in Estonia.



ISO Certificates



To perform all the services offered, we have the necessary permits in the Register of Economic Activity (MTR):

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Magma AS employs qualified and experienced specialists:

  1. Thermal-engineering Engineer (levels 6, 7, 8)
  2. IWE – International Welding Engineer 
  3. Specialists in VT (Visual Testing)  and PT (Penetrant Testing) of welding joints
  4. Certified welders (processes 111, 141, 135, 136)
  5.  Fitters-erectors
  6. Insulators of joints of heating mains
  7. Welders for electric and butt-welding of plastic pipes 
  8. Other competent specialists


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